Price List

Please see below for prices, correct as of March 2018. We are happy to provide estimates for surgery and diagnostic tests. For more specific prices please contact the surgery in the first instance. If your pet is a member of our Healthy Pets Plan you will receive 10% off.



Consultation: £35
Consultation Revisit: £29
Consultation Small Animal: £23.50


All of our vaccination prices include a full health with the veterinary surgeon.

Booster Vaccination Dog (including Kennel Cough): £56
Booster Vaccination Cat (including Feline Leukaemia): £48
Booster Vaccination Rabbit (Myxo RHD): £43
Booster Vaccination Rabbit (RHD2): £25
Booster Vaccination Rabbit (Myxo RHD and RHD2 2 weeks later): £58

Primary Vaccinations include a 30 minute appointment, a free bag of puppy or kitten food, free parasite control (where appropriate) and a puppy or kitten pack full of useful information!

Primary Vaccination Dog (including Kennel Cough): £97
Primary Vaccination Cat (including Feline Leukaemia): £78


All of our neutering prices include a pre operative check, post op pain relief to go home with, a buster collar or body suit to protect the sutures and Royal Canin recovery food.

Castrate Cat: £60
Castrate Rabbit: £100
Castrate Dog 0-10kg: £140
Castrate Dog 10.1-20kg: £160
Castrate Dog 20.1-30kg: £180
Castrate Dog 30.1-40kg: £200
Castrate Dog 40.1kg+: £220

Ovariohysterectomy Cat: £78
Ovariohysterectomy Rabbit: £120
Ovariohysterectomy bitch 0-10kg: £180
Ovariohysterectomy bitch 10.1-20kg: £200
Ovariohysterectomy bitch 20.1-30kg: £220
Ovariohysterectomy bitch 30.1-40kg: £240
Ovariohysterectomy bitch 40.1kg+: £260

For charity neutering options please see our Charity page here.