Fact Sheets

Queens Park Veterinary Surgery Client Advice Fact Sheets

We know that sometimes you need to get your hands on useful information when you are not in the surgery so we have compiled our official Queens Park Veterinary Surgery Client Advice Fact Sheets for you below. You will find our most commonly used advice and information sheets, including pre-anaesthetic instructions sheet, post-operation advice sheets, and a range of behavioural and medical advice sheets. These client fact sheets are also available from the surgery on request. Additionally, you can telephone the surgery and speak to one of our nurses for any advice regarding your pet’s welfare.

Please remember that the information here is designed to supplement the advice from our vets, and not a substitution for seeing a vet if your pet is unwell.

New Client Information Leaflet v1.2

Castrate Post Op Cat v1.1

Castrate Post Op Dog v1.1

Dental Post-Op Care For Guinea Pigs v1.1

Care of your Pets Bandage v1.1

Dental Post-Op Care For Rabbits v1.1

Direct Insurance Claim Guidance v1.1

General Post Procedure Care Cats v1.1

General Post Procedure Care Dogs v1.1

General Post Procedure Care Rabbits v1.1

General Post Procedure Care Small Animals v1.1

Ovariohysterectomy Post Op Cat v1.1

Ovariohysterectomy Post Op Dog v1.1

Pre-Anaesthetic Advice For Cats v1.5

Pre-Anaesthetic Advice For Dogs v1.5

Pre-Procedure Advice For Cats v1.5

Pre-Procedure Advice For Dogs v1.5

Bunnys First Year Plan v1.3

BVA Hip and Elbow Scheme Guidance v1.3

Campylobacteriosis v1.1

Cat Bites – Medical Implications v1.0

Claw Marking v1.1

Cleaning Urine and Faeces Marks in the Home v1.1

Coprophagia v1.1

Giardia v1.0

Hypoadrenocorticism (Addison’s Disease) v1.2

Improving The Indoor Environment For Cats v1.1

Improving The Outdoor Environment For Cats v1.1

Introducing New Cats To The Household v1.1

Kittens First Year Plan v1.3

Multi-Cat Households v1.1

Neutering Your Cat v1

Neutering Your Dog v1.2

Post Chemotherapy Handling Advice v1.0

Preparation For Phobic Events v1.2

Puppys First Year Plan v1.3

Separation Anxiety v1.1AMC