Neutering your pet

Unless you are planning to breed from your pet, we always recommend neutering them. Not only does this prevent unwanted behaviours, it can also benefit their health, especially as they age.

Entire bitches are more prone to certain cancers, such as mammary or uterine cancer. They can also develop a Pyometra, which is where the uterus becomes infected and needs removal urgently. This can be life threatening to your pet if not treated as an emergency. Entire males are at a higher risk of developing testicular and prostate cancer, and certain anal tumours. Entire female and male dogs can both display unwanted behaviours, such as mounting, aggression and even false pregnancy, which can be distressing for both the bitch and the owner.

Both male and female cats will ‘call’ to potential mates. Females will have seasons every 3 weeks and consistently call if they do not get pregnant. The noise can be a nuisance! Entire male cats are more likely to stray, and can be involved in fights and road traffic accidents, as well as contributing towards unwanted or unexpected litters.

We routinely neuter cats from 4 months of age, and dogs from 6 months of age. We are unable to neuter a bitch when she is in season, so would recommend either neutering before the first season or waiting for 3 months afterwards.

Neutering both cats and dogs does involve an anaesthetic, for which there are always risks, however we believe that the benefits greatly outweigh the risks of the anaesthetic. If you are unsure about neutering your pet, please do talk to us. We can provide tailored advice for your pet and reassure you where necessary.

Recovery time varies on a case by case basis, and most patients are just with us for the day with no overnight stay required. Male cats will not have sutures, however female cats and both male and female dogs will have sutures for at least 10 days. During this time we recommend lead only walks and keeping your cat indoors. Your pet will usually have a buster collar or a bodysuit to prevent them reaching their sutures. Your nurse will see your pet for 2 post op checks, with the final check to remove sutures. These are included in the price, as well as additional post op checks if required.

For neutering prices please see here.