Here at Queens Park Veterinary Surgery we can offer many services for you and your pet, including vet and nurse consultations, vaccinations, puppy/kitten clinics and surgery. Surgery ranges from routine neutering through to lump removals, dental surgery and diagnostic x-rays. If we cannot treat your pet here, we will recommend referral to a specialist, which we can organise for you.

We are lucky to have in-house blood machines which allows us to run an assortment of blood tests and receive the results almost straight away. This means that we can diagnose your unwell pet successfully, and treat them quickly. It is also helpful in allowing us to ascertain a patient’s suitability for surgery before the procedure. For some tests, we do need to send samples away to the laboratory for testing. In this case we can expect to receive results within a few days. Your vet or nurse will discuss this with you at your appointment.

Please see below for details of the services that we offer. Click ‘Read More’ to find out more about each individual service.

If you need any further information about anything that we offer please get in touch either by phone on 01204 525066 or through our Contact Us form. All of our staff are experienced and trained to provide advice over the phone and in person.

Veterinary Consults

At Queens Park Veterinary Surgery we are proud to offer each patient a 15 minute appointment so you can be sure that they have received a thorough check, and that all your questions or concerns have been dealt with during your visit.

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Our annual vaccinations are so much more than just an injection for your pet. Whilst the injection and associated immunity is obviously important, all our booster vaccinations include a full 15-minute consultation with a veterinary surgeon, and a full ‘MOT’ style health check for your pet.

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Surgical / diagnostic procedures

We perform many surgical procedures on a weekly basis, ranging from routine neutering’s and dentals to more complex soft tissue surgery and orthopaedic work.

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Price List

Please see below for prices, correct as of December 2023. We are happy to provide estimates for surgery and diagnostic tests. For more specific prices please contact the surgery in the first instance. Healthy Pets Plan members receive 10% off.

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Unfortunately our pets don’t live forever, and sometimes euthanasia is necessary. All of our staff are able to discuss euthanasia with you, so please do talk to us.

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Weight Clinics

Just like for humans the most important step on a weight-loss journey is the first one. So we look
forward to seeing you in our clinics and helping your pet reach their ideal weight!

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Nurse Consults

Our nursing team consists of both qualified Registered Veterinary Nurses and Student Veterinary Nurses who are completing their training with us. We run various nurse-led clinics, including:

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Pet Insurance

As there is unfortunately no NHS for pets, we strongly recommend that all pets (dogs, cats and rabbits) are insured. This helps you to deal with unexpected vet bills, and with some companies we can even do direct claims, which means that we can claim the cost of treatment back directly from the insurance company, with you only having to cover the excess upfront.

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We have fantastic on-site hospitalisation facilities with state of the art heated kennels to keep your pets warm and comfortable during their stay. We have separate wards for cats and dogs and also an isolation unit for patients with infectious disease. 

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Identichip is a tiny microchip with a unique identity code. The microchip is implanted painlessly under the skin by a vet in the same way as a vaccination. Unlike collars and tags, identichip becomes a permanent means of identification. If you have more than one pet, each can be separately microchipped and identified.

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It’s not always easy to keep your pet calm, whether they are nervous by nature or there is a stressful event happening. Visiting the vets can be stressful for your pet, particularly if a procedure is involved. We try to keep this to a minimum, however it’s good to know that we can help. Calmex […]

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