Unfortunately our pets don’t live forever, and sometimes euthanasia is necessary. All of our staff are able to discuss euthanasia with you, so please do talk to us. We understand that this is a difficult time for you, and we aim to make it a little bit easier. You are welcome to stay with your pet through the whole process, and we structure our appointments to allow you to spend time with them after their passing. If you would prefer not to be present, that’s fine too. Please just let us know. If you have any specific requests, please let one of our team know.

After your pet has passed away, there are various options, such as home burial or cremation. Again, we can discuss these with you in person or by phone. We use Rossendale Pet Crematorium, who treat your pet with the upmost dignity and respect. We will deal with all aspects of this, unless you prefer to take your pet to the Crematorium yourself. Prices for cremation can be obtained by phoning or emailing us directly. If you choose to have your pet’s ashes returned, this usually happens within one week.