We have fantastic on-site hospitalisation facilities with state of the art heated kennels to keep your pets warm and comfortable during their stay. We have separate wards for cats and dogs and also an isolation unit for patients with infectious disease. All inpatients are given the best of care with a designated nurse to look after them. Whether it’s a short stay for an on-site blood test or a day stay for an operation or diagnostic testing your pet is in the best hands. There is always a vet on site to look after your pet, even if they have to stay overnight. We use a camera to monitor our patients whilst they are here, to keep disruption of their sleep to a minimum. It is important for your pet to feel comfortable so if we are hospitalising your pet for a reasonable amount of time we will encourage you visit and perhaps bring his/her favourite toy or blanket.

When your pet is in with us, either for a surgical procedure or for a diagnostic test, they will be given something to eat or drink as soon as possible as most of them will have been starved from the night before. If your pet is on a special diet please advise us of this, and bring in a small portion from home.

Hospitalisation Vet Dog Kennel