Surgical / diagnostic procedures

We perform many surgical procedures on a weekly basis, ranging from routine neutering’s and dentals to more complex soft tissue surgery and orthopaedic work. We have fantastic behind the scenes facilities and equipment to help us diagnose and monitor your pet’s health and well-being.

If you have been advised that your pet needs surgery, we understand that this can be a worrying time for you. We are happy to provide regular updates throughout your pet’s stay with us, and encourage you to phone the practice if you have any concerns about your pet during his/her stay. As pet owners ourselves, we would rather be able to reassure you than have you sitting at home worrying!

Our experienced staff maintain the high standards that we expect and provide for your pet. Every animal is given pain relief, pre and post operatively (some practices still don’t do this). If your pet requires a blood test we can do this in-house and have the results within 20 minutes. We recommend a general health profile for every patient undergoing a general anaesthetic as a gold standard. This is particularly recommended in ‘elderly’ patients over 7 years of age, and provides us with a general view of your pets health, including liver and kidney status.

Below is a photo of our in house lab station containing the blood machine which will use to establish an overall picture of your pet’s health, including biochemistry and haematology.

surgical diagnostic lab blood test machine