Weight Clinics

There are many benefits to maintaining a healthy weight for our pets. Obese and overweight pets
are much more likely to suffer from a range of medical conditions including, diabetes, arthritis and
heart disease. Their life expectancy can also be shortened. Obviously we want to do all we can to
help your pet live a long, happy and healthy life; which is why we offer free Weight Clinics with our
Head Nurse Sarah.

Sarah will welcome you and your pet to our weight clinics where they will be weighed and examined.
An individual weight loss program will be designed for your pet, taking into account your daily
routines and finding a plan that is the best fit for you both. You can attend free regular weight clinics
where your pet can have weigh-ins and we can track their weight loss journey. You can discuss any
issues you have been having and we can also celebrate any milestones that have been met.

Most of the pets who attend our weight clinics switch to a specialist weigh loss diet, such as Royal
Canin Satiety, these diets can help your pet feel fuller for longer and help with significant weight

Just like for humans the most important step on a weight-loss journey is the first one. So we look
forward to seeing you in our clinics and helping your pet reach their ideal weight!