Calmex is a supplement which can be added to your pet’s food post surgery, to help promote relaxed and calm behaviour. This may be advised by the vet or nurse if your pet is particularly excitable, or if there are sutures present and exertion needs to be minimised. You will be asked when we admit your pet whether you would like to take Calmex home later that day. For dogs, Calmex comes as a capsule, which can be given whole or sprinkled on to food. For cats, Calmex comes as a liquid which can be given orally straight in to your cats mouth, or applied to food. Calmex can be given for the whole recovery period, giving you peace of mind whilst your pet recovers.

If you have any questions about Calmex please talk to a member of staff.

As of June 2018, Calmex is £12.24 for dogs and £18.00 for cats.

More information on the surgical procedures which we perform can be found here.